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  • The new Government ratifies the Catalan Architecture Bill

    The Catalan Government thus demonstrates its public commitment with good practice of architecture and opens the way for the parliamentary proceedings of the future Law of Architecture.Three years of intense work, with the support of the COAC


  • The COAC presents the Architectural Agenda with Minister...

    On 14 October, the Architects’ Association presented the Architectural Agenda, a new information channel for disseminating the cultural activities related to architecture, urban development and design taking place in Catalonia.


  • Long-term programme for recognition of a professional Master...

    The Sert School offers an annual training plan focused on recognizing the skills of its students by means of specific training in order to obtain a professional Master Degree. 


  • Cooperative Architecture Seminar at the COAC

    The COAC is organizing a seminar on the active role played by architects in Processes of Citizen Participation, which will be held on 26, 27 and 28 February at the COAC headquarters.


  • Building in Catalonia underpins the start of the recovery,...

    On Monday 25 January, at an open meeting with the media, the COAC analysed the construction and building renovation sector in Catalonia during 2015.Last year closed with authorizations for 2,881,076 m2, 26% more than in 2014. While this is a very positive figure, we need to highlight certain considerations to make a proper evaluation of the state of the sector:


  • Espai Barça jury selects proposal by HOK + TAC Arquitectes for...

    FC Barcelona has announced that the Espai Barça jury has selected the bid by the HOK + TAC Arquitectes team as the winner of the architectural tender for the new Palau Blaugrana. The jury, formed by five members of FCB, three members of the COAC and one member of the City Council, made their decision after a careful study of the different proposals.


  • The COAC's Historical Archive on Instagram

    Entering this social network will help disseminate the wealth of documents held in the Historical and Photographic Archive, which currently holds close to two million documented items —plans, maps, sketches, drawings, publications, photographs, correspondence, audiovisual records, etc.—a result, mainly, of donations, making it a reference centre for academics and architects from all over the world, as well as representing an asset of incalculable value.


  • Convening of the Architectural Awards of the Counties of...

    The Girona branch office of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia is convening the 19th edition of the Architectural Awards of the Counties of Girona, with the aim of evaluating the architecture carried out within the branch’s region, in order to demonstrate the quality and precision of its professionals.


  • Works of art from the COAC's Historical Archive to be...

    From 18 January until 3 April the exhibition 'Una col·lecció per a un viatge. Promoció d’arquitectes Barcelona 1960' (Collection for a trip. Barcelona architects 1960) can be visited at the Vila Casas Foundation’s Can Framis Museum.