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  • The yearbooks of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia are...

    Checking information in the 27 Yearbooks published by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia between 1899 and 1930 is now even easier thanks to the digitization undertaken by the COAC Library's staff.The main purpose of the digitization project, which joins others already undertaken by the Library, is to make this very interesting information, of great bibliographic value, as widely available as possible online while at the same time guaranteeing the preservation of the original documents.


  • Results of the study "Architects. Situation,...

    On 7 November, the Architects' Association of Catalonia presented, as part of the Architecture Congress 2016, the results of the study 'Architects. Situation, opportunities and prospects', a reflection on working in the profession based on the collaboration of 1,700 architects.


  • The COAC’s Historic Archive completes the cataloguing of the...

    The staff of the COAC’s Historic Archive have catalogued the collection of documents donated by architects Federico Correa (b. 1924) and Alfonso Milà (1924–2009) to the COAC.Federico Correa and Alfonso Milà studied architecture together before going on to work at José Antonio Coderch’s studio. In 1953 they set up their own practice, Correa-Milà, and enjoyed a prolific career as architects and designers


  • Works featured at the seventh Architecture Exhibition of...

    On 7 July, the Torre Nova de Cal Pons hosted the presentation of the seventh Architecture Exhibition of Central Catalonia, including the prize-giving ceremony and the inauguration of the exhibition organized by the Architects’ Association’s regional offices in Bages-Berguedà and Osona. Of the 63 works submitted, a total of 10 were awarded prizes at this year’s event, which aims to recognize the best architectural projects in the central counties and their catchment areas.


  • Second International Exhibition of Catalan Architecture

    The Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC), through the Taula de Mostres, is organising the second International Exhibition of Catalan Architecture in order to record, showcase and disseminate the work undertaken by Catalan architects working outside Spain.Registration closes on 15th October 2016. Registration is open to members of the COAC or other architects as specified in the rules.


  • 'Atlas of Political Clichés', the new issue of...

    A new issue of the journal Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme will be available for Sant Jordi (St George's Day) this year. It is a double issue (266-267) which, under the heading 'Atles de clixés polítics' [Atlas of Political Clichés], explores some of the topics raised in the previous issue, 'Casa i contradicció' [House and Contradiction].


  • Award-winning projects at the 19th edition of the...

    Award-winning projects at the 19th edition of the Architectural Awards of the Counties of Girona On 3 June 2016, the Girona branch of the Architects' Association held the award-giving ceremony for the 19th edition of the Architectural Awards of the Counties of Girona.


  • 9th Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Architecture

    From September 29th to October 1st, the Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Architecture will be held at Palau de la Música Catalana. The Biennial will also be broadcast live at the COAC Auditorium.Tomorrow Landscapes


  • Architecture Congress 2016. Constructing and disseminating a...

    This year, the Architects’ Association of Catalonia is organising an Architecture Congress which will provide a meeting place for professionals, the general public and institutions to move forward with a new positioning of architecture that facilitates better responses to the new social, environmental and economic challenges facing society now and in the future.