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  • Course: 'Creative curriculum: make the difference'

    The COAC Job Bank, together with Barcelona Activa, organizes new training actions for guidance and job search. Thus, on December 3th, the course 'Creative curriculum: make the difference' will be held in Porta 22 (c. Llacuna, 162-164, Barcelona), from 3 to 6 pm.Learn how to prepare a creative curriculum to complement your traditional resume, so you can introduce yourself to companies in an original and striking way, more likely to catch the attention of recruiters.


  • New uses for Olot's old hospital

    The City Council of Olot has launched a participatory process about the future uses of Hospital Sant Jaume. Within this process, the Garrotxa-Ripollès COAC Delegation organized a meeting to discuss the future uses of the existing building, which took place on Friday November 7th.


  • 8th edition of the Girona Region Architecture Awards

    The Association's Girona branch organizes the 18th edition of the Girona Region Architecture Awards with the aim of hightlightling architecture conducted in the territorial scope of the branch, in order to show the excellence and effort made by professionals.


  • International Catalan Architecture

    The Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) holds the First International Catalan Architecture Mostra with the aim of recording, highlighting and publicizing architectural works done abroad by Catalan architects.The competition is open to COAC members and architects holding a College degree awarded by Catalan universities. Participants may submit any architecture work finished between September 2004 and December 2013. 


  • Catalan architects, present at the Denkmal Restoration Fair

    The Centre for Architectural Rehabilitation of Barcelona (OBRA) takes part in the 2014 Denkmal Fair for Conservation, Restoration and Old Building Renovation, held on November the 6th, 7th and 8th in Leipzig (Germany) and dedicated, this year, to historical facades.


  • Energy Efficiency Plan by the Catalan Department of Culture:...

    The implementation of the new Energy Efficiency Plan anticipates a reduction of 15% to 20% of the annual energy consumption of the Department of Culture's real state stock.The Energy Efficiency Plan promoted by the Catalan Government's Department of Culture through the Catalan Cultural Heritage Agency, aims to manage museums, monuments and archaeological sites in a more efficient and sustainable way, encompassing maintenance and energy efficiency in all centers. 


  • 2nd COAC Investment Forum

    The Architects’ Association of Catalonia and BCN Business Angels are jointly organizing the 2nd COAC Investment Forum and the 83rd BCN Business Angels Forum, which will be held on Wednesday, 15 October, at 5 pm in the auditorium of COAC’s headquarters in Plaça Nova.If you are an investor: The Forum is aimed at private investors interested in participating in projects in the sector and willing to invest sums in excess of 25,000 euros. 


  • Architect Eva Jimenez receives the Special Doctoral Award UPC

    Architect Eva Jimenez was awarded on the 23rd September the Special Doctoral Award UPC 2014 for her PhD thesis "The column in Mies van der Rohe. The lexicon of steel". The Special Prizes UPC are awarded every year to the most outstanding of the PhD theses that were awarded a cum laude distinction. The board assesses the scientific contribution of these theses over the course of two academic years from their defence, and chooses the best of them.


  • A landscape for you

    In recent times of ecological reviews of our territories, of reviewing the means for proposing new landscape structures, of discipline reinvention, with more and more intensity is recognized in the contemporary landscape projects, as an essential factor, the contribution of society to the genesis of it and the intense use of the outcomes.