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  • Foto, Pere castelltort, Ana Prados, Felip Neri Gordi i Lluís Dalmau

    The Postgraduate Degree in Facility Management at the Sert...

    The postgraduate degree in Facility Management at the Sert School, given by architects and facility managers Felip Neri Gordi and Lluís Dalmau, has won the Extraordinary Jury Prize given annually by Facility Management & Services magazine, Spain's point of reference in facility management.The award recognises the school’s achievements in teachin


  • Let’s celebrate together!

    On 7 October, from 7 pm, coinciding with World Architecture Day, we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our Historical Archive with a party where we will open a large-format exhibition to commemorate this red-letter day.


  • The COAC receives the National Culture Award

    On Thursday 4 July, the Architects’ Association of Catalonia was presented with the National Culture Award, given by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CoNCA). The gala event was held in Teatre l’Artesà in El Prat de Llobregat.


  • Slight growth in construction, but based on an unsustainable...

    The business of the construction sector is based on the traditional model, with an emphasis on new build. Major building renovation work continues to lose ground, as it has done since 2017.


  • Jornada Nous espais, nous aprenentatges

    Teachers and architects design the new learning spaces of the...

    Improvements to teaching and educational practices in schools have been a very topical issue for the last few years, but it is now no longer just a matter for teachers. This was evident on Friday, 15 March, when the Paranimf Hall of the University of Barcelona was filled with teachers and architects attending the seminar Nous espais, nous aprenentatges (New Spaces, New Learning), organised by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, the Bofill Foundation, and the Ministry of Education.


  • Som Premi Nacional de Cultura 2019!

    Winners of the National Culture Award for 2019!

    The Architects’ Association of Catalonia has been honoured with one of the National Culture Awards for 2019 given by the National Council for Culture and the Arts (CoNCA). 


  • The Historical Archive celebrates its 50th anniversary this...

    The Historical Archive of the COAC is commemorating its 50 years of existence in 2019. With more than two million documents, spread between over 150 collections from different architectural practices, two photographic archives and various collections of images, plans and maps, the Archive has become a point of reference not only in Catalonia but also in Europe for studying Catalan architecture and the international influence of Catalan architecture firms.


  • The Association submits proposals to the MPGM and the PEUI...

    The COAC has made proposals to the 'Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan to adjust the qualification of the section of Carrer Provença that coincides with the block on which the Sagrada Família stands' and to the 'Special Comprehensive Urban Plan for the Sagrada Família', approved by the Ecology, City Planning and Mobility Commission of Barcelona City Council and published in the BOPB of 17 December, 2018.


  • The COAC starts rolling out Architecture lessons in schools

    The Architects’ Association has started pilot tests to spread the teaching of architecture in schools through the programme entitled ‘Magnet: alliances for educational success’.