• The COAC accompanies the Catalan delegation to MIPIM

    The dean of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, Lluís Comerón, joined the Catalan delegation at MIPIM, the world’s leading property market, which took place from Tuesday, 14 March, to Friday, 17 March, in Cannes (France).


  • New call for COAC grants for local and international...

    In its desire to further the visibility of architects' social function, the Architect’s Association of Catalonia is, for the sixth year running, opening the call for grants for local and international development cooperation projects related to architecture and urban planning. The awarding of these grants is in keeping with the Association’s commitment to allocating part of its budget to social pursuits.


  • Appearance of the dean before the Catalan Parliament to talk...

    On Wednesday, 1 March, the dean of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, Lluís Comerón, appeared before the Regional Commission of the Catalan Parliament to put forward the COAC’s view of the content of the draft bill for the Architecture Act.


  • Construction is still in a far from normal situation, without...

    In 2016, the increase in the surface area of projects reaching the construction phase has continued, but that growth has been the result of a small number of projects with very large surface areas. Outside of Barcelona, the rest of Catalonia has remained stagnant, with negative growth in some cases. Urban renewal, an essential activity for the future, is not increasing, which is the main problem..


  • New COAC correspondents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil

    For the fourth year running, the COAC had its annual meeting with international correspondents, held on 23 December at the Plaça Nova headquarters. During the event, 5 new correspondents were introduced: Lluís Casadevall (Munich, Germany), Pau Iglesias (Passo Fundo, Brazil), Carles Arribas (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Bibiana Sciortino (Córdoba, Argentina), and Lea Eidler, who is taking over as correspondent in San Francisco, USA.


  • Architects Tusquets, Clotet and Paricio donate their...

    The architects Òscar Tusquets, Lluís Clotet and Ignacio Paricio have donated their documentary holdings to the Archive of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia.


  • The European Award for Intervention in Architectural Heritage...

    Once again, the Association of Architects for the Defence and Intervention in Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) and the Architects' Association of Catalonia (COAC) have announced the opening of registration for the 3rd edition of the European Award for Intervention in Architectural Heritage AADIPA.


  • Eva Franch: "New perspectives are needed because there...

    Transgressive. Even “uncomfortable”, the Dean of COCA, Lluís Comerón, went on to say about Eva Franch’s conference. Architect and curator, Franch is Chief Curator and Executive Director of the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York. Based in said city, her professional practiced is characterised by relating experimental art forms, design and architecture.


  • Beatriz Colomina: "There is a need to build a hybrid city...

    The last lecture of the closing ceremony of the Architecture Congress was that of Beatriz Colomina, a PhD architect; a historian and a theorist specialised in the relationship between architecture, users and the media; and professor of History and Theory of Architecture and Director of the postgraduate program at Princeton University.